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Hillary Fitz is a St. Louis based singer-songwriter who puts her heart into what she does. Whether it is singing, writing, or performing - her dedication to her craft shines through in the sounds. Her passion for music is what drives her to do what she does. With a big voice and homegrown guitar and harmonica chops, her style combines a range of influences. From rock to folk to jazz, you never know what genre you'll get out of her - but you can guarantee that it'll be delivered with soul and authenticity. 

With a background in plant science, art, and yoga - she is fascinated by life. This fascination for being alive translates into her music as she uses it as a tool to express her experiences, memories, and stories. This love for movement, expression, and life can be felt through her songs. 

The Story

"I've been writing music ever since I can remember. I've always felt a deep need for expression in my life and music has always been my tool for that. When I am sad, I sing. When I am happy, I sing. When I'm confused, I write. It's part of who I am. 


Music has been the catalyst for so many wild life experiences that otherwise I would have never had. There's been ups and downs, high points and low points of course - but I've met the most amazing people through this musical journey and it's completely changed my life. I wouldn't trade it for the world." 

- Hillary 



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